Born in 1956 in Hannover, Germany, I moved to the West of Ireland in the early 1980s after my City and Guilds Exams as a dental technician.

I have had the unique and successful experience of working with porcelain. Over the last 40 years as a dental ceramist, I have been making crowns, bridges and implants in my own business. Visiting workshops abroad and in Ireland I was able to win several awards.


Through my work I developed an eye for detail and colour nuance, both present in my art work. My professional approach has reflected in me facilitating workshops in life drawing and oil painting over the last decade.

While travelling extensively all over the world, I developed an on-going appreciation of images captured on camera and the ability of photographic technology to hold and then explore in depth the beauty of the moment.

Artist Statement

Lochmann takes a hold of  images and transforms them into works of art that remain truthful yet aesthetically elegant. 

Lochmann’s images have developed from photo realistic images into highly abstracted paintings. Her deep understanding of light and shade breathes life into her realistic subjects but can also be seen informing the movement of her more abstract work. Many thin layers of paint create the delicate transitions between hues, leaving the canvas weighted with depth.

As she coats each canvas, blurring and layering paint, her creative talent emulsifies realistic images into abstract paintings. This challenges the formal aspect of her practice with an exploration of the medium and aesthetics of the paint itself.

While light and shade consistently ground each of her paintings, Lochmann’s work continues to develop as she explores new vistas both in terms of technique and subject matter, constantly growing as an artist.